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 New vampire chronicles film?

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New vampire chronicles film? Empty
PostSubject: New vampire chronicles film?   New vampire chronicles film? Icon_minitimeSat Oct 17, 2009 12:21 pm

Just stumbled onto an article discussing the possibility of a new film based off Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and maybe starring Robert Downey Jr. as Lestat. http://www.bscreview.com/2009/08/bsc-scoop-anne-rice-on-downey-jr-and-vampire-chronicles-movies/
I am a little torn by this as I do love the book series but have been weary ever since Queen of the Damned messed up everything in that book completely. Plus for me Tom Cruise will always be Lestat, he just nailed the part so perfectly in my opinion.
Anyone else have any thoughts on this or know the validity of the rumors here?
Also who would you cast as Lestat since Tom Cruise is out at this point? If he had not passed I think Heath Leger(sp?) might have pulled it off alright, but if they cast Johnny Depp I might shoot myself because as much as I love him, he is way to over-exposed these days.



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New vampire chronicles film?
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