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 Festivals - which one??

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Vivica Siren
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Magazine Contributer.
Vivica Siren

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Festivals - which one?? Empty
PostSubject: Festivals - which one??   Festivals - which one?? Icon_minitimeFri Aug 21, 2009 4:52 am

I'm getting so excited about Leeds fest next week

i've been to 2 festivals already this year with SPHERE - Download and Sonisphere were phenomenal! i'm looking forward to Leeds as it's my yearly holiday and for me, it's got a good enough line-up so I can justify the tickets being bought, and it's not packed so i won't get chance to enjoy the rest of the festival's delights!
Oh I'm full of excitement!!

Which festivals have you been to this year and which do you think are the best festivals past and present?
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Festivals - which one??
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