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 My Introduction then...

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Magazine Contributer.
Magazine Contributer.

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PostSubject: My Introduction then...   Wed May 20, 2009 12:44 pm

Alright, I will do a brief little sum up on here so people know what I am about I suppose.
My name is Mary. I enjoy long walks on the beach and moonlit dinners... wait, no! I live in the United States, which I am not very proud of, and wish to make it known that I never Voted for George W. Bush, when he got in I wasn't even old enough to vote. Not my fault!
At any rate, I attended college for Studio Art, because I wanted to be absolutely sure there was no way I would ever be able to repay my student loans and that seemed like the way to do it. I enjoy many different kinds of music, but I lean towards 80s new wave and goth rock. I love the Cure especially, which The Dom can attest to since I plagued him with it during his times in the states. I read constantly, right now I am re-reading Mostly Harmless by Douglas Adams. I also watch movies a lot and tend to lean towards BBC shows when I can get my hands on them, but I also enjoy cartoons more than any adult should. I highly Recommend The Venture Brothers to anyone who has not had opportunity to watch it, very good, especially if you grew up watching 1970's action/adventure cartoons of the Hana Barbera sort.
Well I think that should do it. Glad to meet you all!




View my artwork here:
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Vivica Siren
Magazine Contributer.
Magazine Contributer.
Vivica Siren

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PostSubject: Re: My Introduction then...   Mon May 25, 2009 4:26 am

Aah so you knew Dom from the states? I've heard so much about his times there!
and yes, student loans are a bitch... they're trying to make me repay mine even though i'm still a student.... GRR!!!
very cool to meet you cat
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My Introduction then...
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