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   When I grow up

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PostSubject:  When I grow up      When I grow up  Icon_minitimeTue Sep 14, 2010 12:35 am

Advertising is as old as man. There is a semblance of advertising in many activities of human beings especially those activities which influence others; either favorably or otherwise likes a baby crying for its food. Even a simple action from them can communicate, persuade and influence.
An advertisement is a form of persuasive communication with the public. A child can upgrade the position of the advertisement and can also increase its attention value. It’s not only the contents that make an ad attractive, but also the ode in which it is communicated.
Today anything other than education is a great relief to the children. Everyone is actually been fed up with the hectic schedule. More than a source of income, it seems to be a source of relief and motivation for them. It also helps them to build up a career in such a small age. It’s the support of parents that stays behind all these. Agencies looking for child model don’t have to much effort as the interested people are approaching them with full enthusiasm.
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 When I grow up
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